The Unsaid Answer

“Should I really be doing this?” she asked.

“Yes Nancy” said the devil in her head.

“No” opinioned the good in her.

“Okay” she was so confused, as she sat there holding a bottle full of sleeping pills. “Okay, give me 5 reasons you both. Why should I be doing this?”

The good in her was silent. But the devil began to speak enthusiastically- “well that’s easy, here goes- number one- you’ve failed you parents. Number two- you are pretty much not doing well in your job due to depression so you are eventually going to get laid off. Number 3- your boyfriend of seven years ditched you and on top of that, is getting engaged to someone else of his parents’ choice. Number four-you have no shoulder to cry on, no parents, no friends.. Basically you have hit the rock bottom. You are finished, the end, what’s the point in living now? Oh.. and number five- you look ugly”

“Well” she sighed “every word you say is true, I believe you” she paused. Suddenly she turned to the good side. “Hey, what about you?”

“What about me?”

“Well, don’t you have any reason to support your opinion?”

“Sure I do, my dear”

“So.. Won’t you speak?”

The good side kept mum. The silence was now slowly consuming Nancy and pushing her more to let it off. “okay, so that’s it the….”

“WOOF WOOF!!!!!!!!” yelped Max.

At once, the bottle fell off her hand.. she quickly ran towards the kitchen. “Oh God. Oh God… Max are you hungry?? I’m so sorry”

The good side smiled. “There you go Nancy.”


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