“Daddy, do my hair, quick” exclaimed little Mayera, as she hurriedly brushed her long hair. Raman was still packing her lunch. There was literally a chaos every morning. “daddyyyyyyyy” she let out another cry. “Coming darling” Raman burst out of the kitchen.  He carefully parted those long hair into two and braided them neatly. Then he kept the hot lunch box into the little pink bag. The school bus was honking repeatedly. Raman picked Mayera and her belongings and ran out. “There you go baby” he helped her as she struggled to ascend up the bus stairway.

“I love you Daddy”

“I love you too baby, and do finish your lunch”…..Followed by exchange of pecks on cheeks.

Raman waved as the bus pulled out. He smiled as he remembered his struggle to adopt a disabled child.


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